Unit 6: Tourism

This unit will allow students to explore different tourist locations, focus in on one and create a marketing brochure on that location.

Course Units and Descriptions

Use this table for an overview and navigate to each of the course unit pages.

Unit Description
Review course outline for more details
1 Intro & Photo Editing - intro, routines, pictures, and photo editing
2 Graphic Communications - graphic editing and manipulation
3 Food Intro, safety, & Prep - intro to industry, safety, food prep and practice
4 More Foods - different food preps and methods practiced
5 Portfolio - web page creation and culminating work to showcase
6 Tourism - select a location to market using a brochure

Unit 6, Act. 1: Tourist Brochure



Hospitality and Tourism is a large sector of our work force and has a lot of great opportunities for young workers.



Create a tourist brochure with-in a local community here. It is to include information on the five sectors of tourism. It is to be created in MS Word using a tri-fold template to include

  • Eye catching front cover, 5 picture collage (create in Photoshop) related to tourism and title with subtitles of sectors
  • based on a local community area with-in driving distance
  • Five other folds to each cover a sector with 1/2 picture images and half text (12 font Ariel or similar)
  • One career highlight from each sector with career details, pictures, responsibilities, pay, education, etc.
  • Also summarize information in portfolio under project section
  • screen capture both sides and show thumbnail images, linked to full size PDF of your brochure
  • Insert your logo and name on the back for credit
  • Background colour will be determined by paper colour, leave white


Details, Information, and Suggestins

The 5 industries of tourism are; accommodations, food and beverage Services, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services. Pick a local area you are familiar with, and also career fields that you feel are interesting. Here are some tips to keep in mind while creating your brochure:

  • Make it fun see sample 8 sector brochure below
  • Use charts to show stats creatively
  • Communicate using a graphical map
  • Use Photoshop to dress up, modify, size properly for your pictures
  • brochure
  • Design with a complimentary colour scheme
  • Use interesting and complimentary fonts
  • Think of a theme that you can use throughout the brochure
  • Highlight text you want to stand out with colour and/or background
  • Use bullet points rather then sentences where possible
General Resource Links


Use the resources above to complete the major steps below:

  1. Download a brochure template you can use
  2. Create titles on all 6 folds and a quick description of each in a few sentences
  3. Use Photoshop to make your 5 image front page collage
  4. Find several pictures for each sector including a related career for that sector
  5. Using text and images create a interesting and informative brochure
  6. Hand in brochure as a doc file for marks
  7. Take screen image capture of your front and back of your brochure and create thumbnails to go in your projects section of your portfolio. These thumbnails should link to the PDF version of your brochure
  8. Create a summary of your brochure's text content and also include it with the projects section.
  9. Hand in your updated web portfolio


Ensure you hand your work into the appropriate hand-in folder with your .

Photoshop Web Page Background Design Marks
Always double check that you have completed all components for full marks.
Layout - placement of and location of key graphics, margins, and spacing 10
Graphics - related pics, collage, theme,, colours, and logo 15
Information & Content - sector information, details, and careers 15
Portfolio Inserted- Include in your portfolio under projects 10
Total Marks 50