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  1. Western's Annual Carnival
  2. George Brown College Robotics Presentation
  3. F1 in Schools CO2 Car Competition

Western's Annual Carnival

Students get an extended lunch to enjoy a time of fun, games, and food. The day was beautiful and there was lots of food cooking on the barbecue. I helped out with the cooking, but students and Mr. Schneider did most of the work for the bbq. We had music, different fun games of challenge and even a cotton candy machine to enjoy sweets. Eight new picnic tables built by our Construction class, tug of war, pie in the face, funny picture takes, ball toss, and so much more. All in all a very successful day, and students had lots of fun.

General Pictures

Carnival Overview

Carnival Overview

Carnival Overview

Carnival Overview

Carnival Overview

George Brown College Robotics Presentation

Invited to George Brown College, our students were part of a presentation tour for local grade 7 and 8's. Six of Western Tech's robotic team, WARP7, presented to junior students about their experiences with robotics, what it is all about, and followed through with an exciting live demo with our full size Mechanum bot and mini bot. Excited junior students had the thrill to drive the mini bot around for a few minutes at the end of the presentation.

Robotic Presentation

The Crew

Lecture Room


From the Back

Mini Bot Wide

I Want to Try!

Lunch :-)

Mechanum Full Size

Back to the Mini Bot

Pic with GB Mascot

F1 in Schools CO2 Car Competition

Visiting Wobourn Collegiate, I took several pictures throughout the competition. I have pictures of the whole process showing examples of each stage of the competition and steps the students took to design, test, and build their F1 car racer. With the new recently purchased track start and finish gate, we will be able to run our own school competition also.

F1 Co2 Car Poster Displays

Display Sample 1

Display Sample 2

Display Sample 3

Display Sample 4

Display Sample 5

Closer Look at the F1 Co2 Cars

F1 Car Sample 1

F1 Car Sample 2

F1 Car Sample 3

F1 Car Sample 4

F1 Car Sample 5

F1 Car Sample 6

F1 Car Sample 7

F1 Car Sample 8

Competition Process

Track Start

Track Finish


Car Collection

Car Set-up Line

Car Set-up Track

Car Challenger

F1 Car Race

F1 Car Finish

F1 Finish Park