Green Industries

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  1. Landscaping Westerns Front Entrance

Landscaping Westerns Front Entrance

Two Green Industry courses worked on the front of the school adding soil to level the ground on either side of the main entrance stairs, planted a blue mountain boxwood hedge along both sides of the stairs, added two 1700 pound arbor stones in the front of the Western school sign along with some plants, more top soil, and some transplants of day lilies. Mrs. Brett offered some plants to also plant around the area along with some grass variations to fill in around the sign and fill in the rock garden. Adding cedar mulch around the hedge and adding grass seed on either side of the hedges will finish it off. More planting is planned in the fall. Thanks to Administration, Officer Troy, and Mrs. Brett for their contributions with the course teachers and students. Students enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch thanks to Officer Troy.

Front of the School Landscaping

Soil leveling

Rock Garden

Hedge Planting

Rock Shelf Prep.

Rock Leveling

General Landscaping

Rock Garden Prep. 1

Rock Garden Prep 2

Officer Troy Assist

Late Afternoon