Integrated Technologies


Welcome to the the grade 9 Integrated Technologies course. This was a full semester course for Western students which was very popular prior to the course changing into a rotation model, which ran out of the upgrade Integrated Tech lab made up of two rooms mainly the shop section and design theory area. Some of the major project PDF Pkg handouts are linked below as resources if needed. This course at the time was developed by Mr. Franzen for grade 9 students to allow for some exposure to project based learning and introduce and prepare students for future tech course and programs offered at the school. Below is an introduction written back then introducing the students to the course.


Why technology? If you look around you, the things that make your life a lot more easier, fun and exciting such as smaller, but bigger capacity mp3 players, camera phones, wireless networks, ergonomics, digital television, movie special effects, computers, etc in the last 5 years has exponentially exploded. Have you ever wondered who gets all that money and rewards for those innovations, who has all the excitement riding the wave of new technology and capitalizing on it. Have you ever wondered where all the inventors, designers, engineers, trades people, and many others part of this technology, got started.

Here is the secret! They most likely had the opportunity to explore a number of technology related activities that made them aware of what they enjoyed doing in technology. Taking the academic basics of math, science, English, and art and applying them to a practical technological challenge awakens the possibilities. Well that sounds easy and fun... right?

Well yes and no. Technology is fun, but it is also very challenging. It is about having the right attitude, having a good grasp on the basics such as math, English, science and art. It means having to think for yourself, not just follow a bunch of steps. It means making a lot of effort, putting in time to do the work right and not being afraid if you make mistakes, and learning from them. If you have these characteristics, or are willing to give it a try, you will be in for the ride of your life!

Be forewarned though, that things today in technology are taken for granted a lot of times and a lot of people are not aware of the amount of work, knowledge, and time that goes into simple, easy, and even basic items of technology. So how do you know if this is for you? You have got to give it a try, but remember to go great places with your education you have to be open to new things, willing to make an effort, and prepared to think for your self. If you are and you do well, you will be on your way to a great career in a wide multitude of technology jobs out there just for the taking.

So what is your interest? Inventing; designing, building, constructing, maintaining, testing in many areas such as computers, electrical, electronics, robotics, automobiles, machines, networking, engineering, space, etc are all some ideas of what you could go into. But it all has to start somewhere and build from there.

This is where Integrated Technologies comes in. You have an opportunity to explore these areas at a basic level. You are introduced to a wide range of simple technological project activities that you can explore. If you have what it takes and want to go further into certain subject areas, this is your chance to try it out first hand. Just think every time you pay for something, how much of the money goes towards the technology that got you that product you just traded your money in for. It may be a ten dollars item or it hundred dollar item. It could be in the form of a high tech service or a product you can hold in your hand. The point to be understood here is that the product you purchased had to be provided by someone from the other end.

Technology today involves a lot of things such as critical thinking with the knowledge of technical communication, team work and a solid foundation of knowledge in a particular specialty which can take you places you never thought possible. It all starts here and this is your chance to see if you got what it takes to become an tech savvy professional, or at least close to one!


As this course no-longer runs, I have posted some of the project linked PDF's that were used to support students with their project process:

  1. Computer and Communications Technology Unit
  2. SPICE
  3. Design and Construction Technology Unit
  4. Transportation and Manufacturing