Computer Engineering, Grade 11, Section 01, Daily Journal Entries

Here are quick daily entries about what is going on in class. This is meant as a small cue to the main components and not a detailed long journal.

Short forms such as OV=overview, REV=review, RC=recap, PT=practical time, TU= Take-up Work, PPT=presentation, HO=handout, AS=assignment, FB=feedback, LES=lesson, DIS=discussion, Demo=demonstration, LD=live demonstration, IS=individual support, ED=Early dismissal, LS=Late Start, GC=Google Classroom, etc. will be used to keep it short and to the point. Custom shorts will be defined inline with brackets (Ex.).

Using this along with the Detail Unit Activities and the Marks page, will show more about what and when things happen in the class. Use the Detail Unit Activities to see what the student is taught, use the Marks page to see when projects and assignments are due along with the marks earned, and use this journal page to see daily topics covered, handouts, projects, and work covered.