Course Daily Journal

Date Day      TEJ3/4M1-4A  Daily Entry Points    1V    (D1=S, D2=S, D3=IP, D4=AS)             Nov. 23 - Feb. 2
2020-11-23 1S Intro to Mr. F, web site, & course, student intro, remote learning/timetable, and questions/concerns
2020-11-24 2S Covid-19 Awareness & well being PPT, careers/selection, Prezi on careers, coming to class prepared
2020-11-25 3IP ED, Intro, course/HO, room layout, safety PPT & contract HO, tech-info/HO, Career Prezi
2020-11-26 4AS GC Survey, REV unit 1, act 1 info & routines, support docs, REV career & HO, select career/research
2020-11-27 1S Career rough report recap, Journal Entry (JE) intro and comment AS 
2020-11-30 2S Career rough due, JE start, custom project plannng, JE set-up-comments due, JE end of period, daily
2020-12-01 3IP due, PPT order, shortcuts demo, custom project plans intro, computer maintenance/rev
2020-12-02 4AS Career PPT, Custom project plan REV
2020-12-03 1S Career PPT recap, JE FB/REV, Computer maintenance safety & procdures REV & Q&A
2020-12-04 2S Career PPT Due, Career presentations to start
2020-12-07 3IP Shortcuts due, JE FB/REV, TU Comp. maint. safety & procd.Q&A, 2nd Comp Maint., HO Hard/Elect. Q&A
2020-12-08 4AS Hardware/Electronics Q&A, Custom Project Proposal (CPP) & sign-up, proposal report
2020-12-09 1S CCP REV, cont career ppts
2020-12-10 2S Troubleshooting & project design REV,  Career ppts
2020-12-11 3IP TU Hardware/Elect. Q&A, SPICE App, Robotics and Motoman vist,  RPi & SF hardware kit Inventory-Q&A
2020-12-14 4AS Troubleshooting & project design Q&A, CPP report
2020-12-15 1S SF hardware kit Inventory-Q&A, CPP report recap, Career PPT cont
2020-12-16 2S ED, REV Comp Evolution Q&A, CPP report Due, Career PPT cont
2020-12-17 3IP TU Troubleshooting Q&A, SF hardware kit Inventory-Q&A, SPICE App, IS Marks, Rpi test
2020-12-18 4AS U3, Computer Generation Evolution (CGE) Review Questions and your CPP
2021-01-04 1S Virtual learning, Adobe scan/reader, (12's MF jumpers), TU CGE process
2021-01-05 2S Recap virtual PE process, TU/PE CGE REV 
2021-01-06 3SAS FB on TU CGE Rev, Number Systems, Conversions, Add & Subtract Intro/Rev (NumSys), CPP PPT order
2021-01-07 4SAS Vid- dancing rob., Circuit theory recap, series/parallel (S/P) cct cal-03, CPP PPT's
2021-01-08 1S Vid-56" MB car screen, TU/PE NumSys, cont CPP PPT's
2021-01-11 2S TU/PE series/parallel cct cal-03, complex s/p cct analysis
2021-01-12 3SAS Recap/TU complex s/p cct analysis, FB S/P cct cal-03- work on 00, controller coding intro, cont CPP PPT's
2021-01-13 4SAS ED, TU S/P cct Cal -00,  cont CPP PPT's, controller coding
2021-01-14 1S complex s/p analysis & cal sample cct rev and AS,  Ardunio set-up, Python action details
2021-01-15 2S FB on Career PPT, Complex s/p analysis, Python sample code
2021-01-18 3SAS TU/PE complex s/p analysis & cal, continue coding
2021-01-19 4SAS FB on Complex s/p analysis & cal, TU Python functions review, Arduino & Python coding
2021-01-20 1S Look at course selection info (12's), CCP eval req, Arduino Report & Python action requirements
2021-01-21 2S Course Selections Due (12's), FB on Cust Coding, Coding project time
2021-01-22 3SAS Recap/rev coding, Custom project next week
2021-01-25 4SAS Arduino and Python projects due, Custom projects requirements & details, review G-doc template 
2021-01-26 1S Custom Project report requirements & details, FB on Python in Action coding, continue custom projects
2021-01-27 2S ED, Custom projects
2021-01-28 3SAS Custom Projects
2021-01-29 4SAS FB for Arduino Component Interfacing reports, continue with custom projects
2021-02-01 1S Custom projects/reports due, presentations using report to show, term work
2021-02-02 2S Last day of class, finish custom project presentations
2021-02-03 Credit Rescue time, last chance to submit work, schedule with virtual meet with teacher for more support
2021-02-04 Credit Rescue time, followed by a PA day of no classes, Quad 3 begins Monday Feb 8th, Good luck in Q3!