Course Daily Journal

Date Day      TEJ2O1/P-3A  Daily Entry Points    0V   (D1=IP, D2=AS, D3=S, D4=S)             Nov. 23 - Feb. 2
2020-11-23 1IP Intro, course/HO, room layout, safety PPT & contract HO, tech-info/HO, Career Prezi
2020-11-24 2AS GC Survey, REV unit 1, act 1 info & routines, support docs, REV career & HO, select career/research
2020-11-25 3S ED, Intro to Mr. F, web site, & course, student intro, remote learning/timetable, and questions/concerns
2020-11-26 4S Career rough due, Covid-19 PPT, careers/selection, Prezi on careers, prepared for class
2020-11-27 1IP due, PPT order, shortcuts demo, journal entry (JE)
2020-11-30 2AS REV JE, first JE, Career PPT to complete, use rough FB,  JE set-up-comments due, JE end of period, daily
2020-12-01 3S Recap careers, journal comment AS, computer rebuild process, JE & mark 
2020-12-02 4S Career PPT due, Career presentations to start
2020-12-03 1IP Shortcuts due, JE FB/REV, computer rebuild intro/HO, demo, and sketch, test, teardown
2020-12-04 2AS Computer component (CC) PPT topic selection, research, and report rough to start
2020-12-07 3S Cct. Theory - ohms law, power, series/parallel ccts ppt, cont. career PPT presentations
2020-12-08 4S Intro to series cct calculations (Cal.) HO/AS - Due next IP day, cont. career PPT presentations
2020-12-09 1IP Career dropoff/pickup share, SPICE process HO, Computer rebuild, series Cct.01 Calculations (Cal.) HO's
2020-12-10 2AS Series Cct.01 Cal, intro to parallel ccts HO, parallel cct 01 cal HO (sample steps!) AS's, CC rough report
2020-12-11 3S Comp. rebuild recap, series/parallel ccts recap, cont. career ppt presentations
2020-12-14 4S CC rough report Due, Cont. career ppt presentations
2020-12-15 1IP TU series cct.01 cal, parallel cct intro & cct.01, Robo rm, IS marks, units of measure, S/P cct 01 cal HO/AS
2020-12-16 2AS ED,  Digital logic (DL) HO/AS - refer to DL PPT, CC PPT
2020-12-17 3S Digital logic(DL) gates PPT 1-16 intro - logic gates/SPICE HO/AS, cont Career PPT
2020-12-18 4S DL gates ppt 17-21, LogoSoft (LS)App - sample cct, DL cct., stop/start mech.& DL equivelent cct AS
2021-01-04 1SAS Virtual learning, Adobe scan/reader, S/P Cct 01 Cal. Due, Recap Push button cct, LogoSoft install files
2021-01-05 2SAS TU S/P Cct 01 Cal., Logic Gates/SPICE Due, LS demo with PB cct, stop/start mech.& D cct
2021-01-06 3S FB on S/P Cct 01 cal & Logic Gates/SPICE, DL Latch - tip, cont Career PPT
2021-01-07 4S Vid-56" MB screen, CC PPT Due, Digital Peer Eval process Recap, DL gate stop/start recap, cont Career PPT
2021-01-08 1SAS Vid- dancing rob., TU DL gate stop/start Due, career PPT's, DL forward/Reverse cct intro/demo
2021-01-11 2SAS Rev DL gate stop/start rescue, CC PPT order, career PPT's, TinkerCAD Intro
2021-01-12 3S Forward/rev recap, CC PPT's
2021-01-13 4S ED, CC PPT's
2021-01-14 1SAS Digital hand-in & PE req,  process, samples  in detail, TU/PE forward/Reverse cct, 
2021-01-15 2SAS TinkerCAD (TCAD) intro Due, FB on DL, CC PPT's
2021-01-18 3S TCAD projects & reports overview, updated virtual ref page, CC PPT's
2021-01-19 4S FB on TCAD Intro, CC PPT's, Arduino coding, editors, standards, intro to 1st project resource page
2021-01-20 1SAS Video - blink led, multiple LEDs & Breadboards, TCAD Demo, report template & requirements
2021-01-21 2SAS Moore's law vid, FB on PPT's, Recap TCAD project & report due, TCAD Fading LED project - intro and video
2021-01-22 3S latest transistor vid, FB on TCAD multi led, Fading LED recap
2021-01-25 4S Recap on TCAD Fading LED which is due, TCAD RGB project intro and video
2021-01-26 1SAS FB on TCAD Fading LED, TCAD Pushbutton intro/video, 
2021-01-27 2SAS ED, FB on TCAD RGB LED, TCAD Potentiometer (Pot) intro/video (Course selection tomorrow morning)
2021-01-28 3S Course selections ?, TCAD Photoresistor project intro
2021-01-29 4S FB on TCAD Pot, PIR Motion and Sonic Sensor project intro
2021-02-01 1SAS FB on TCAD photoresistor, TCAD PIR-Sonic, Flex project
2021-02-02 2SAS Last day of class, TCAD PIR-sonic sensor due and Flex project end of class or get past due term work-in
2021-02-03 Credit Rescue time, last chance to submit work, schedule with virtual meet with teacher for more support
2021-02-04 Credit Rescue time, followed by a PA day of no classes, Quad 3 begins Monday Feb 8th, Good luck in Q3!