Course Daily Journal

Date Day      TDJ2O1/P-7A  Daily Entry Points       (D1=SAS, D2=SAS, D3=S, D4=S)             April 23 - June 28
2021-04-23 1SAS Intro to Mr. F & class, schedules, GC, website, survey, Adobe Reader, course outline (CO) PDF REV, Q&A?
2021-04-26 2SAS FB-survey, marks page, D&T/Bot Video, RC CO, Tech Intro Rev, GTKU Collage, remote learnig OV
2021-04-27 3S CO due, Virtual Misc, RC Tech Intro & GTKU, Covid/safety PPT & HO REV
2021-04-28 4S ED, Tech-info & GTKU Collage due, FB CO, computer organziation, Shortcuts & Org. AS
2021-04-29 1SAS Safety due, Tech-intro & GTKU FB, Marks&Routines, Student journal (J) entries intro, demo, J-Prep AS, Shortcuts
2021-04-30 2SAS Q3 mark reports, J-Prep due, Tesla car building video, remote learning, Journal entry, Shortcuts & Org. 
2021-05-03 3S Sum Sch, J-Prep FB, journal entry & collaboration, Shortcut RC, Eng. Career (CAR) Intro, PPT 1-8, Selection
2021-05-04 4S shortcuts & Org due, J FB, Eng CAR PPT 9-17, Career details and topics, Research rough  
2021-05-05 1SAS Shortcuts FB, Eng CAR PPT 18-27, What is Eng video, Research RC
2021-05-06 2SAS Rearch Rough due, CAR PPT creation- template, resources, samples, PPT presentation support, low marks
2021-05-07 3S Marking 2nd time process, Rearch Rough FB, CAR PPT build-text/images, peer eval
2021-05-10 4S Journal FB, CAR PPT RC, PPT Voice video, Intro to Technical Sketching (SK), SK Basics demo and AS
2021-05-11 1SAS Low marks, SK Basics and CAR PPT Due - order & peer eval, more Tech SK info, SK Shapes AS layout
2021-05-12 2SAS SK Basics FB, SK Shapes AS ISO & StepBlock(SB), start student CAR PPT's
2021-05-13 3S SK Shapes due, Ortho Sketch Note
2021-05-14 4S Ortho Note Due, SK Shapes FB, ISO Cust Block SK, S-CAR PPTs
2021-05-17 1SAS ISO Cust Block SK due, 2nd Mark RC, Ortho Note FB, Ortho Cust Block SK AS details, S-CAR PPTs
2021-05-18 2SAS ISO Cust Block SK FB, Ortho Cust Block SK cont
2021-05-19 3S Ortho Cust Block SK  RC
2021-05-20 4S Ortho Cust Block SK due, Key Ring Acc (KRA) intro, KRA Design process applied AS
2021-05-21 1SAS KRA Des process due & peer TU-submit, Ortho Cust Block SK FB , KRA Sk Thumbnails AS, S-CAR PPTs
2021-05-24 - - - Holiday
2021-05-25 2SAS KRA Sketched Thumbnails due, KRA Design process applied FB, KRA Ortho AS Intro, S-CAR PPTs
2021-05-26 3S ED, KRA Sketched Thumbnails FB, KRA Ortho AS RC/cont
2021-05-27 4S KRA Ortho due, KRA Jamboard, Intro to AutoCAD Web (ACW), acct and Setup AS, tool practice, Step block AS
2021-05-28 1SAS Account & Setup due, KRA Ortho FB, ACW Step Block steps & demo, hidden, centre and Dim, S-CAR PPTs
2021-05-31 2SAS KRA Jamboard due,  ACW Step Block- hidden, centre and Dim, ISO
2021-06-01 3S KRA Jam FB, ACW Step Block, ISO and paper space layout & title block, RC CAD SE/PE Eval
2021-06-02 4S ACW Step Block ISO circle, RC CAD SE/PE Eval, credit rescue next day (CR) start/back (s/b)
2021-06-03 1SAS ACW Step Block Due, CRs, mentor peer support, OnShape (OS) overview, registration, CRb, S-CAR PPTs
2021-06-04 2SAS CRs, CAD History-V, OS intro, LP-OS Fundamentals: CAD (OS-F-CAD) Navigating OS, CRb, S-CAR PPTs
2021-06-07 3S OS-F-CAD Nav. OS & MFdue, ACW Step Block FB, CRs OS-CAD-Basics -what is CAD
2021-06-08 4S CRs, RC what is CAD, OS-CAD-Basics - Part Design, -sketching
2021-06-09 1SAS CRs, OS-CAD-Basics - Part Design, sketch,  CRb, S-CAR PPTs  
2021-06-10 2SAS S-CAR PPT - SE/PE, CRs, OS-CAD-Basics - Part Design, RC sketch,  start angle, CRb, S-CAR PPTs  
2021-06-11 3S CRs, OS-CAD-Basics - Part Design, RC angle, start wheel -hmwk 2 related  videos and wheel
2021-06-14 4S FB on S-CAR PPTs, CRs, OS-CAD-Basics - Part Design, RC wheel, intro to OS Link Bracket (OS LB)
2021-06-15 1SAS OS-CAD-Basics - Part Design due, CRs, OS LB model, OS-CAD-Basics Intro to 2D DWG's p1&2
2021-06-16 2SAS CRs, OS-CAD-Basics Fb & Intro to 2D DWG's p1&2 RC, Temp, cont OS LB Mod/DWG, title block & eval sheet
2021-06-17 3S CRs, OS-CAD-Basics Intro to 2D DWG's p1&2 due & FB, cont OS LB Mod/DWG, title block & eval sheet
2021-06-18 4S CRs, KRA OS Mod/DWG - req & process
2021-06-21 1SAS CRs, no journals, OS LB Mod/DWG Due,KRA OS Mod/DWG cont., 3D print intent, text extrude
2021-06-22 2SAS CRs, OS LB Mod/DWG FB,KRA OS Mod/DWG cont., edge refinement,  ordinate dim
2021-06-23 3S Last day of quad, KRA OS Mod/DWG due, term work wrap up
2021-06-24 4S CR,
2021-06-25 - - - CR,
2021-06-28 - - -  
2021-06-29 - - - PD Day